Social Media Management

Monitor the public social mentions of your organization, brand, and individual on social networks and web with measurement and tracking of what people are saying about you in a dashboard.

Social Trends

Let's assist you to search for viral media posts, their statuses, photos, and videos concerning specific topics trending on social media networks. Get to know the most shared content and the key influencers behind them.

Brand Monitoring

Begin to collect your Brand full history of mentions across the entire web and social media with stored data - text and video for analysis over a period of time for marketing purposes.

User Profiles on Social Networks

We dig in to search for social media accounts of users by name or surnames on Facebook. Linkedin, Instagram, Google+, Vimeo and Dailymotion in addition to knowing their description, icon, influence metric and links to other profiles.

Social Media

Search for posts online concerning your brand, sort by popularity, highlight the most important ones, filter search results by the predefined time periods and analyze sentiment metrics.

Social Analytics

Get to know the detail of content across social networks in the form of charts and reports based on audience insights, popular hashtags, sentiments analysis, and social influencers' activities.

The Begining

How To Get Started?

In our present environment, we have witnessed malicious reports mostly fake news on social media of organizations, brands and even individuals, all in the name of sensational journalism to boost the image of the sponsored media or individuals.


Let's provide for you in Real-Time Online Media Monitoring Solution that enables the organization, brand, and individual to monitor millions of web sources (social media, blogs, news networks, articles, reviews, forums, portals, etc.). Our solution measures and tracks what people are saying about the organization, brand, and individual, where they are saying it and the key influencers behind what is being said including their photos/video attachments and links to the source files.


You will never miss out on the conversations about the organization, brand, and individual. It enables you to keep a positive online reputation. Internauts are presently the ones who shape the reputation of the organization, brand, and individual through their conversations online. It is, therefore, an act of necessity to gain positive mentions online to earn the trust of their followers. Building a positive reputation requires a proactive approach which takes years to achieve.


Online Real-Time Media Monitoring Benefits

Monitor the conversions about the organization, brand, and individual and get instant access to real-time and historical data

Track any keyword and discover the scope and reach of mentions from thousands of web sources (social media, blogs, forums, portals) in multiple locations to find the sources including their photos/video attachments and links.

Use Business insights such as sentiment analysis to gather precise intelligence to understand the audience’s needs. In addition, engage your audience and address their needs by reacting to the voice.

View reports of real-time online media monitoring for informed  decision. Use advanced social media analytics to uncover new development and ideas. Evaluate and justify your decisions with sound data analytics.

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