Content Marketing

We use content marketing to create content that aligns with the brand's goals and distributes for engagement that converts.

Email Marketing

We adopt the usage of email marketing to develop an email list and content campaign for the ultimate engagement that converts.

Online Media Monitoring

As part of the research audit for the development of a PR plan, we use online media monitoring to scan the web for brand mentions and of key influencers.

Experiential Marketing

The adoption of experiential marketing as a PR tool is used to create a memorable impact on the target audience.


We use SEM (search engine marketing) and PPC to increase the visibility on search result page and direct traffic to the website for engagement leading to conversion

Media Assets

The development of content assets that are targeted at the different stages of customer lifecycle marketing experience to generate awareness, engagement, and conversion.

The Beginning

The Business Advantage

Online Media Monitoring

In today's world of fake news circulating on the internet with viral unprecedented spread, a brand can easily be destroyed and lost its market share. Preemptive usage of our online media monitoring can identify the source of the fake news and the key influencer behind it. Present the true story and neutral the intended purpose of damaging a brand reputation. Call us to learn more.


Online Mention

Who said what about? What is the nature of the mention - positive, negative neutral? Which online media dominate the display of the mentions. We can identify the sources and prevent the intended damaging reputation from gaining ground. Call us to learn more.


Influencer Marketing

Identify the key influencers on social media and classify based on topics and feed them with relevant stories about your brands. Learn more. Call us.


Online Monitoring Solution

Social Listening

A major source of information for the product development cross-functional team, customer service, and lead generation.

Online Social Conversation

Monitor the conversions of companies, brands and individuals on social media with its associated analytics based on strength, sentiment, passion and reach metrics.

Social Mention

You will never miss out on any mention about the organization, brand, and individual. Get to know who is talking about you real-time and engage them

Competitor Online Social Conversation

  • Get to know what the competitors are doing online. Track brand mentions – positive, negative and neutral, key product phrases, marketing tactics, new product launch, and customer complaints.

Business Insights

Sentiment Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Track Keyword

Customer Care

Social Media Analytics