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The Citizenship, Sustainability and innovation (CSI) report of Banks is now prepared in accordance with the Nigerian Sustainable Banking Principles (NSBPs), Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards and aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), that include several examples of how a bank should help address complex and pressing challenges confronting the Nigerian populace. Aligning with the standards requires an independent auditor to review the content of the annual report for correctness and completeness. The purpose is to gain and increase the stakeholders’ confidence in furtherance of the total commitment of corporate responsibility, sustainability, and innovation as a culture of excellence.

TotaMention, an online flipbook hosting platform displays Annual CSI report covering six years (2018 – 2013) on the same page in library shelf and list formats to further gain the confidence of the stakeholders with the delightful analytics experience.

  • The library shelf: Each flipbook in the shelf contains a maximum of six Annual CSI reports in number per view with its own distinct functional property and can be flipped one after another to the satisfaction of the stakeholders.
  • The list Format: Each flipbook is arranged in descending order beginning from the current year 2018 – 2013 with its own distinct property and can be flipped one after another to the satisfaction of the stakeholders.

Both formats feature the attributes of download capability, content sharing on social media, print option, full-screen view, single page view option, etc. all on a page for easy reading of the stakeholders. The flipbook hosting gallery features real 3D Flipbook PDF-s that are displayed as ultra-realistic 3D flipbooks on bookshelf library and list view. It is fully responsive and optimized for mobile as a single page view.

If you should host your Annual CSI report flipbook online it should contain features of convenience for the reading stakeholders with the capability to go viral that can promote any bank for patronage and sustainable competitive advantage. Gain customers through technology first mover advantage in the comprehensive display of flipbook hosting of various options. Talk to us to find out how to host your Annual CSI report on TotaMention – a Nigerian online flipbook hosting platform.